Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adopt-A-Family Program

It's that time of year again! RiteBite Orthodontics is very excited to participate in the Adopt-A-Family program in affiliation with Family & Children's Services for the 3rd year in a row. We are so proud to give back to families in the surrounding communites that are experiencing financial hardship. Family and Children's Services does a fantastic job of organizing this program and matching our business with larger families that we can give back to during the 
Christmas season.

This program couldn't come at a better time each year. We are matched with our family at the beginning of November and the gifts are due at Family and Children's Services at the beginning of December. It is such a great way for our staff to get into the Christmas spirit by working together to provide the best Christmas we can for a family in need. We work together to budget a certain amount for each child, and try to make it so that each child has a similar amount of presents (big and small) to open on Christmas morning. We all agree that Christmas is mostly for the kids and we try to make it really special for them. On the families' wish lists, we have noticed that parents often don't put anything down for themselves, because they too just want the best for their kids, so Dr. Luis usually takes care of the parents with a generous grocery gift card so that they can have the best Christmas dinner possible. The past three years, our adopted family summaries have been as follows:

2012 – Family of 6 (2 parents, 4 children aged: 8, 5, 3, 0 - newborn)
2011 – Family of 5 (2 parents, 3 children aged: 8, 4, 2 years)
2010 – Family of 5 (2 parents, 3 children aged: 10, 4, 2 years)

We look forward to spoiling our adopted family this year once again! If you would like more information on this great program, please visit:

Happy Holidays from your friends at
RiteBite Orthodontics

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