Monday, October 22, 2012

The “Spooky” Truth about Halloween Candy

With Halloween and trick and treating around the corner, it’s a great time to hear the negatives about these wonderful treats. Like most things, all candy are not created equally. So before you or your child munches down on their Halloween candy, read this sugar disclaimer!

Top Candies to Avoid:
The Bad: Sugar filled snacks-Candy corn, chocolate, pixie sticks. All of these are high in sugar and   can cause dental cavities.

Even more Bad: Chewy and Sticky candy. This candy is also filled with sugar but due to the sticky consistency it sits in tiny pits and grooves on all surfaces on your teeth. Saliva has a hard time washing and cleaning the sugar away from the tooth’s depressions.

The Worst: Sour Candy- These candies are very acidic and can easily break down the outer tooth shell called the enamel. This leaves a softer enamel and higher chances of dental decay.

Better Candies to Enjoy:
Two Words-SUGAR FREE: Sugar-free gum, lollipops and candy. Gum chewing in general can actually help stimulate saliva to relieve dry mouth as well as avoiding cavities. Many candies are acidic sugar free or not, but stimulating saliva helps neutralize the acids that can cause tooth decay.

Most Importantly: Wait 30 minutes after eating sugary-acidic candies to brush your teeth. This time will allow the saliva to neutralize your mouth. Of course, don’t forget to floss! Flossing is the only way to remove the sugar and bacteria left between the teeth.

Happy Trick or Treating!


  1. My brother, who is a dentist in Florida, tries to tell his patients the same thing every year. Especially to all those who wear retainers in Naples FL, because excessive amounts of sugar will rot them.

  2. Sugar provides bacteria in your mouth with a food source which when broken down releases acids that cause your teeth to decay. It is important that our patients know the connection so hopefully we can reduce the chances of loosing teeth prematurely.