Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waterloo Orthodontist on Invisalign G4

Invisalign is proud to introduce Invisalign G4, the next generation of SmartForce clinical innovations engineered to deliver even better clinical results. Nothing is more important to Dr. Luis than delivering great results for his patients. That is why this weekend Dr. Luis attended the 1st Annual Canadian Invisalign Summit held in Toronto.  

Present at the Summit was John Morton, Align Technology’s Director of Research and Technology, who provided an inside look at the new features of Invisalign G4. This presentation covered how the principles of biomechanics have been applied to deliver the clinical innovations in Invisalign G4.  These new features include applying two force systems to one tooth or creation of moments. This is accomplished by attachments and/or pressure points, where one feature will counteract the negative forces caused by the first. They are supposed to allow for simultaneous movements such as extrusion and rotation, as well as translations.
This next-generation SmartForce clinical innovation, Invisalign G4 is expected to provide the much-needed solution to some significant treatment challenges faced by the doctors.  Invisalign G4 will help enhance open bite treatments, more predictable movement of upper laterals and improved root control for canines and central incisors.
In recent times, Align has undertaken several strategies to improve adoption of Invisalign. These include acceleration of product and technology development and extension of clinical effectiveness. Several orthodontists are now able to treat almost any orthodontic problem with clear aligners. This is becoming a great alternative for moving teeth, not just for patients not willing to wear braces, but for all orthodontic patients.


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  2. I've been seriously considering getting Invisalign for my daughter. Her teeth are going to be straightened, and she is very self-conscious about her teeth. This is probably the best choice for her.

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