Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Imagine No More Dental Impressions!

Millions of impressions are taken each year for the fabrication of orthodontic models and appliances. Orthodontic offices take a number of these “patient hating” procedures on a daily basis. A new system is now available that creates digital free impressions of a patient’s teeth.
The iOC Scanner, a digital orthodontic impression system powered by iTero, ensures a more accurate impression from the start, which results in improved orthodontic treatment.
The iOC scanner will eliminate the need to take physical impressions of a patient’s mouth. Instead of taking oral impressions which is one of the most anxiety producing procedures for patients undergoing orthodontic care, we will soon be able to use the iOC scanner which employs laser technology to capture accurate images of the mouth, doing away with the traditional messy impression. Imagine no goop, gagging or discomfort!
The iOC Scanner is the product of Cadent, now a part of Align Technology. It scans the mouth with a radiation-free laser and in six to eight minutes renders a digitally perfect, 3-D impression of the teeth and soft tissue structures. The iOC Scanner can be used for any orthodontic treatment including traditional metal braces and clear aligner-based orthodontic systems and it is the only product that can be used with Invisalign.
RiteBite Orthodontics, one of the top invisalign providers in the Waterloo Region with practices in Cambridge, Waterloo and Listowel, continues to embrace cutting edge orthodontic technology. If these scanners prove to be as accurate as they claim, you can rest assured that we will be one of the first offices to bring this technology to the Waterloo Region.


  1. Dental braces use a sliding door technology known as “self ligation”. There is less friction in the braces which leads to
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