Friday, February 4, 2011

Waterloo Cambridge Orthodontist on Invisalign

Invisalign (Align Technology, Inc.) is a series of clear trays that are worn on crooked teeth to gradually straighten them.  When worn, Invisalign trays are practically “invisible,” unlike regular braces.  Not only are they more cosmetically pleasing than traditional orthodontic braces, Invisalign is also a more popular option because they are generally more comfortable than braces.  The trays are smooth and will not irritate your lips and cheeks like traditional braces can. This in turn results in less visits to your orthodontist since you will never have nagging issues like poking wires and broken wires or brackets.
Invisalign trays are removable, so you can remove the trays when eating and do not have to worry about walking around with food particles stuck between your braces.  The trays are also removed for brushing and flossing and, if need be, for special occasions.  The best part is that you can enjoy your food! Eating with braces can be challenging, especially early in treatment.

Invisalign trays are required to be worn for 20-22 hours per day.  Each set of trays moves the teeth a small amount (~0.25mm) until they are straight.  Typically there are 10-50 sets of upper and lower trays, and each set is worn for two weeks before proceeding to the next set.  Therefore, treatment can take anywhere from 5 to 24 months, depending on the complexity of the case, and how well the trays are worn.  Invisalign can be used to correct most orthodontic problems.  

Dr. Luis is the only Premier Preferred Provider of Invisalign in the Waterloo-Cambridge Region, which places him in the top 5% of all Invisalign providers in North America. Contact us for a complimentary Invisalign consultation and have Dr. Luis explain why Invisalign is a good choice to straighten your teeth.


  1. Invisalign braces take less time than the traditional method of getting aligned. The picture of metallic wires comes to mind and are not that convenient to use. Advanced technology introduced Invisalign invisible braces are custom made aligners which are more comfortable to wear.

  2. Job of braces is to correct the alignment of skewed teeth by gradually pushing them into shape. You can remove these aligners while you are eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. And don't have negative impact on teeth health.

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